A self-learning tech Geek that likes to do stuff and writes on different technology on a blog channel. Come there and we will discuss everything from general theory of relativity to mkbhd to T-series vs Pewdiepie to Nasa.

Come Here!


I am just a normal guy who likes to play with things around me and opens all the electronics available near me as at last I can't figure out which components go where or find a good documentation of that component. I think that GOOGLE is a great resource but it is not that great when it comes to find things about electronics and  related stuff.Also I am a Siraj Raval and Neil Degrasse Tyson fan.

Software Development

  • Python/Shell Scripting for automation, Java for some backend work.
  • Javascript for web development; mainly focus on Flutter and electon.js now. 
  • Data Science with Python.
  • Web Development with django.


  • IOT with RaspberryPi
  •  Robotics,embedded-systems,capacitors,batteries

[email protected]

Current Projects 

InitializeGithubRepository Initialize an empty Gihub Project project from terminal  Python/Shell Scripting
IntruderAlert Use RaspberryPi as a SecurityAlert firmware that sends regular emails using the sendgrid Api as it sees a new object at the entrance.  Python
WomenSecurity Uses Machine Learning to route the women on the best route possible sensing their security and comfortability first.  Python/Java